Mandatory First Post

Here is my mandatory first post. Technically its my second. I left the “Hello World!” post it was because I could not bring myself to delete it. For those outside the programming world, “hello, world” is usually the first the programming example. Most tutorials today still use it.

This little website is my attempt to keep my online presence my own. I recently read a post by Scott Hanselman about maintaining your online brand. Not that I necessarily have a brand, but at least, if important people Google me, this is what they will find (yes, I just Googled myself to see what comes up).

Why WordPress

As you may have noticed, I have chosen WordPress as this site’s platform. Since I have full time job, and other hobbies, I did not want to be messing with servers and all the set up associated wth hosting my own platform. Also, I do not intend this site will ever be a complicated endeavor, WordPress is the right choice for me. There are many other options for creating beautiful websites, depending on how much time and effort you are able to give. The thought of coming home after a long day of debugging code to debug more code is not really appealing to me. Besides, I am not really a web programmer anyway. WordPress is a stable, mature, platform, with a huge library of plugins. In short, I will probably never use all features availble in a single WordPress install.

I have set up a couple of WordPress installs previously for friends in the past. This included getting them set up so they could automatically post to Facebook and Twitter.  At the time, the best solution was seperate plugins for each, plus a handful of others for various other tasks. This around, with the newest version of WordPress (3.1.5), it came all but bundled with a plugin called Jetpack, This single tool replaced many plugins that I would have used previously (i.e WP to Twitter, Smart YouTube, WP Touch, and to a certain extent Google Analytics). Jetpack takes certain features and their most tasks and simplifies the whole process.

Good Night and Thanks For Reading

Since this is the first one, I expect it will get buried at some point. I will be adding to the site every week, starting with the homepage (I have not decided yet if I am sticking with the news feed or a static page. We shall see). I wil review a few of the WordPress plugins that I find useful.

Now, time to tackle the home page.


Let me know what you think

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