Day Three – Three Songs

1. Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones

My go to song when I need a distraction, a little pick me up, or to celebrate. This song has it all. From the blues rock intro, it keeps this feel all the way until the end, without stopping. It is hard to write about this song because it probably the best ever written. Merry Clayton’s gave the most powerful performance of any vocalist I have ever. I can listen to the parts where her voice cracks over and over again. That part Never gets old. I don’t really like the Rolling Stones, especially post 1970, but this song always warrants complete silence from everyone in the room.

2. Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Probably the second saddest song I can think of (the other being Tears in Heaven). I don’t know why we people are drawn to such sad songs. Or why the saddest songs are often the best. In fact, I think my next one will be another sad song. When I hear this, I can just lie back and listen to every note, every vocal intonation, and take it all in. Few songs do that these days. Maybe sometimes we choose to remember the bad more than the good. This does remind me of all the good and bad times I have had, and reminds me that there will be many more. But why I love this song, I have no idea.

3. Life by the Drop – Stevie Ray Vaughn

Not enough can be said about Stevie Ray Vaughn. His live performances are blowing, and sadly, we can only get them on YouTube now. He is most know for doing covers Jimi Hendrix’s songs, and in my mind better than Jimi. The few of his songs that get radio play are nothing like Life by Drop. Life by the Drop is pure simplicity. Singing about the profound loss, that at times feels inevitable for us all. This song features only Stevie Ray Vaughn and twelve string acoustic guitar. Nothing more. No drummer, bass player, or any other back up musicians. It is not even the most complicated song in existence. It is just Stevie Ray Vaughn playing a simple riff, spilling his guts out.



  1. salinadias · September 21, 2014

    I like your description to the second song! Good post!

  2. Laura K · September 16, 2014

    You’ve given me new songs to check out! Thanks! Not as familiar with Stevie, and Lynyrd isn’t quite my style but I will definitely check those two out. Gimme Shelter is a great one.

  3. Nikki · September 16, 2014

    These are awesome song choices, man. Gimme Shelter is a killer tune; it gives me chills pretty much every time I listen to it, mostly due to Clayton’s incredible vocals. She really does wonders for the mood of the song.

    I agree with what you said about sad songs, too. I tend to think they’ve been the most beautiful, but that always seems a little twisted to me. At the same time, I think it’s comforting to us as human beings to try to find comfort in the sadness by making it less ugly, you know?

    And Stevie, well, he’s amazing. I think you said it perfectly in that last sentence, the wording is poignant and the imagery is spot on. With Stevie, that’s all you need. Him and a guitar, spilling his guts out, and it rocks.

    • Mike D · September 16, 2014

      Spot on.

  4. Sreejit Poole · September 16, 2014

    I love Stevie

    • Mike D · September 16, 2014


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