Day Seven – Give and Take

“They’re just beers,” I said looking at the number of taps lining the bar.

“Nah,” he replied, “they’re all their own art form. Each one of them.”

He was a self proclaimed beer connoisseur, where I was a self proclaimed beer drinker. We were meeting up for our usual Tuesday happy hour drinks at our usual watering hole.

“Each one is brewed with their own care, and by different artisans, giving each brew a distinct taste,” he continued.

“But they are all pretty much the same, take some hops and barley, let them do their thing, and there you go, beer,” I stated.

“Blasphemy,” he snickered, “There is more to each beer than just hops and barley. The purity of the water, the type of barrels used for fermenting. How long each step of the brewing process takes. It all comes together to create a beautifully delicious beverage.”

“I will give you that, most beers are delicious, but in the end most of them are the same, despite the brewing style,” I argued, “For example, take this dark stout I am drinking right now, it has the same after taste has as the porter on tap right beside it. Different brewing style, different brewer, but same alcohol content, roughly the same colour, and the same taste.”

We were both studying the taps, trying to decide what the next round would be.

“Bad example. Those two are coincidentally pretty much the same beer. They are brewed in the same region, and get their ingredients from the same supplier. The only real difference between the two is business. The owners used to work together and ended up hating each other,” he countered.

“Alright, how about this same stout, and the brown ale. Again, the same taste, and those two breweries are in now way related. They are even in different countries,” I said.

“Okay, that is a good beer, and very similar to the stout. It’s pretty dark, with good sweet taste, but doesn’t have the same coffee-like taste of the stout. I think your taste buds are shot,” he said.

“They might be. I had a Coors and a Molson the other day and didn;t even complain,” I said.

“Coors sucks,” he said.



  1. Linda Rooney · September 23, 2014

    That sounds like many conversations I’ve been part of Thursday nights after a pub run. You got the dialogue spot on!

  2. brettto · September 23, 2014

    Oooops like*

  3. brettto · September 23, 2014

    That was bright and breezy. Easy on the eye look cheerleaders. Simple but effective.

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