Day Eight – Death to Adverbs

Across the intersection, a band is playing for the crowd. For once they are not too loud. The sound fills the corner as though it were a concert hall. A small crowd is growing and starting to spill onto the road.

Across the street from the band, couples are rushing to the theatre before tonight’s show begins. As the time creeps closer to 7:30PM, the pace of the show goers quicken, as though they are trying to escape the rain. No rain tonight, though, it is actually very nice for this day late in September.

Behind me on the terrace at the local Starbucks, a group is having a heated debate. I don’t know what they are debating, they are speaking middle eastern language of some kind. Their voices carry throughout the area, and it appears tempers could flare at any moment. The tension between them is broken every few minutes by string laughter and a few sips of their drink.

Right in front of me, cars are waiting at the stop light. One lady is very patient, but the taxi driver behind her is getting agitated. Every three seconds, he creeps his car forward an inch, as though he is trying to provoke her into jumping the light. At the green, the taxi driver maneuvers his Camry as fast as it can possibly can around the lady’s car, with tires screeching. He cut her off at the next intersection.

Now that the show has started and the doors are closed, the crowds on the street have thinned. New moms rushing home with sleeping newborns, students heading towards their Wednesday night watering hole, and the last of the bankers making their way to metro. The bankers have the slowest pace, as though the days financial events have weighed down their feet.



  1. Sreejit Poole · September 24, 2014

    Nice descriptive voice. You really brought me there. Love the whole taxi seen.

  2. laurabecknielsen · September 24, 2014

    My favorite part is the last line. I can sit with you at the coffee shop on the corner and see and hear everything.

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