Day Ten – Happy Something

Kraft Dinner, KD, or in the U.S. (I think), Mac’n’Cheese. That was the meal of kings. And when we were young we were kings. This was the treat of the week. I never really liked candy and was never allowed soft drinks as a kid. But Kraft Dinner was a weekly treat. The most un-nutritious meal; crappy macaroni and dehydrated cheese. But, man, add a little a lot of butter and a little bit of milk, and you had the perfect meal for a five year old.

Saturday nights was the night I would be allowed mac’n’cheese for dinner. Sometimes on Sunday for lunch, depending on what my mom felt like cooking.

When I turned twelve (maybe ten or eleven, I’m not really sure), I was finally allowed to boil water on my own. My best friend would come over, and since I could finally “cook” water, the first thing we would do was plan when we were having our crappy Kraft Dinner lunch. We spent many weekends trying to come up with the perfect recipe. As much as a recipe is involved in KD. By the time were thirteen, we figured it out. Two boxes of Kraft Dinner, and boil that macaroni. Then, two giant table spoons of butter to mix in the disgusting cheese. Add few splashes of milk just to make sure the cheese spread out evenly. And there you have it. The perfect Kraft Dinner concoction.

There was never any special event surrounding KD meals. Just the weekend. And we used to eat so much of it. Now, I can’t even look at the stuff.



  1. Priceless Joy · September 26, 2014

    I was raised on Macaroni and Cheese (but the real kind). I liked your post!

    • Mike D · September 26, 2014


  2. aprobertsstories · September 25, 2014

    Mmm KD. The perfect comfort food for when you don’t feel like cooking. 🙂

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