Day Eleven – Size Matters, But Not in ‘That’ Way

The house was lucky enough to be on a quiet crescent in the burbs. A broad circle with a large green space in the center where the streets residents would gather for block parties. Us kids could run around freely from yard to yard, house to house, and lamp-post to lamp-post. You could almost hear With a Little Help From My Friends in the background. Maybe it actually was playing. Maybe it wasn’t. We were probably too busy playing to notice.

When one neighbour got a pool, that was where the kids from street would spend the three hot months of the year. Summer days were all the same, get up, watch cartoons, get in the pool. Rinse and repeat. Late June to late August. When the pool family left on vacation, we all took turns maintaining the water. And of course, in payment, we got to use the thing whenever we wanted. We just had to keep the water from turning green.



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