Thats me.

Thats me.

So this is the part of building my own personal site that I do not like, writing about my self. It almost feels like the part of a job interview where you are asked to describe your weaknesses. You do not want to come across as shallow, overconfident, nor the worst self loathing dreg pulled from a one hundred year old sewer.

So first to gloat, you can checkout my Stackoverflow profile, I am rather proud of my 3000+ points. I am also keeping track of a few things in Github, which should eventually lead to something productive (l will update here when that happens). I spend my days writing Objective C and Java code for a start up in Montreal. We are getting companies, large and small, to rid themselves of paper forms and clip boards, and help them migrate to the digital tools. (Yep, not doing that anymore, but still writing mobile applications)

When I am not in the office, you will probably find me heading to Vermont for some of the most excellent tree skiing in the world. There is also usually a good micro brew to be found there, which goes well with Vermonters’ preference for locally grown food. I have also been known to chase winter in the middle of August.

When the snow melts, or if I manage to scrounge up enough funds for a winter vacation, I can be found either playing in the St Laurence River, or surfing a real wave.

There, the awkward part is done.